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Krishna's Childhood Miracles Out Of Compassion

"The childhood episodes relating to Krishna have an esoteric meaning. For instance, when his mother, Yashoda, chided Krishna for eating mud (as alleged by Balarama), Krishna replied: 'Mother am I a child, or a silly brat or a crazy fool to eat mud.' In this way, Krishna though he was a child, was affirming his divinity indirectly. The Divine teaches profound lessons to mankind in this indirect manner. God's actions should be understood not by external events but by the inner meaning." Sai Baba, SS, 10/96, p. 254

"When Krishna was three years old he saw an old lady carrying a basket of fruits from the jungle. Krishna told her he would like to have some fruits. The old woman said he could get them only if he paid the price. Krishna innocently asked the meaning of the word 'price'.

The woman said that something should be given in return for the fruit. Krishna went in and brought a palmful of rice. The woman placed the rice in her basket and gave Krishna some fruits. She was charmed by the beauty of the child. As she was returning to her cottage, she felt that basket was getting heavier. When she placed it down in her hut, she was amazed to find that all the rice grains had turned into precious gems. She thought the child must be divine. Otherwise how could the rice turn into gems? Considering herself supremely lucky, she invited her neighbours to see the miracle." Sai Baba, SS, 10/94, p. 256

Significance Of Krishna's Childhood Pranks .

"The Gopikas used to complain to Yashoda about Krishna's pranks. But whatever Krishna said in fun or did as a prank was based on truth. Krishna never indulged in untruth even by way of a joke. But those who could not understand the inner meaning of his statements used to accuse him att lying. This kind or misunderstanding has been a disease in all ages.

When a Gopika complained to Yashoda that Krishna had entered the house of a cowherd at night and played mischief, Krishna pleaded before his mother how he could have gone out anywhere when he was sleeping beside her. The truth was that Krishna was in both places because of his divine power. Krishna displayed a number of such baffling miracles. Against each complaint, Krishna had a convincing alibi. Indirectly Krishna was revealing his divinity. Krishna explained to his mother the ways of the Divine in a way she could understand."Sai Baba, SS, 10/96. p. 256

"One day Balarama brought a few cowherd boys with him and started complaining to mother Yashoda: '0 mother, Krishna is always so hungry? He eats at home as well as outside like a glutton. Why should he eat mud? Today he started eating mud.' Yashoda felt sad and was furious. She caught hold of Krishna's hand and asked: "Krishna, am 1 not serving you enough food? Are you not eating enough butter in the neighborhood? Why have you started eating mud? Then Krishna started explaining: "0 mother, to eat mud am I a child or a madcap?' Though Krishna was only five years old at that time, by telling his mother that he was neither a child nor a madcap. He meant to indicate indirectly that he was the mighty Great One. Thus Krishna conveyed many inner secrets. No one can understand in depth Krishna's Leelas. They have got some external implications and inner significance. But, today very few people know the inner reality. People are full of doubts. Mother Yashoda saw all the worlds in Krishna's mouth, but she herself doubted. What was the main reason? It was the feeling that Krishna was her son. It is the physical attachment that causes doubts." Sai Baba, SS, 9/98, p. 229

Krishna's Cosmic Vision And Childhood Might

"Krishna was pleading with Yashoda (Krishna's foster mother) that he should be allowed to go to the forest with other cowherd boys. Thinking that if he were put to sleep he would forget his desire to go to the forest, Yashoda gave him milk. Krishna was no ordinary child. While drinking the milk, he pretended as if he was sleepy. He made pretence of yawning to indicate his drowsiness. In that wide-open mouth of Krishna, Yashoda saw all kinds of things - all the worlds in motion and many deities. She could not make out what it meant. 'Is it a dream or Vishnu's Maayaa? Or is it some fantasy of mine? Or is it real? Am I Yashoda? Have I gone somewhere?' These thoughts racked her mind. 'My son is an infant. How can all the worlds appear in his tiny mouth? It must be my imagination.' Such doubts arise in the minds of those who are caught in the delusion of the body complex.

Yielding to his entreaties, Yashoda allowed Krishna to go to the forest with cowherd boys. Almost every day Krishna encountered some ogie or ogress and slew them. His playmates used to describe to their elders these exploits of Krishna, how he fought with the demons and finished them off.

Yashoda, however, used to say, 'God is taking care of my child. Otherwise how could he overcome these encounters?' The cowherd boys observed: 'when he himself is God, why does he need anybody's protection, Oh Mother! Yashoda felt that the boys were naive in their judgment. 'Will God come to one's rescue so easily? It is only because of my prayers, my child is protected.' With this belief, Yashoda used to perform various rites, when Krishna returned from the forest, to express her gratitude to Providence for saving him from the evil eye and other dangers." Sai Baba. SS, 10/94, pp. 256 & 257