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Akrura's Vision Of The Lord

"Everyone in the world loves objects or persons or even God, for his or her own selfish purpose. No one laves God for God's sake. Man exists in three states: waking, dream, and deep sleep. In the waking state all his senses and mind are at work, while in the dream state only the mind is active, and in the deep sleep everything merges in the Self and one enjoys bliss. Man should make efforts to experience the reality beyond all the three states.

Narada told Krishna in advance about the impending visit ofAkrura and mentioned that Akrura would perceive him as Narayana and Balarama as Adishesha. Akrura arrived shortly afterwards with an invitation to Krishna and Balarama to attend the Dhanur-yagna to be performed by Kansa. Akrura was very devoted to Balarama and Krishna and so he informed them that Kansa's invitation was only a part of his nefarious scheme to lure them to Mathura and kill them.

The Gopikas and Gopalas tried their best to prevent Akrura from taking Krishna and Balarama in his chariot. They were not worried about what might be caused by the evil-minded Kansa. Their fear was that Krishna might not return from Mathura. Krishna told them, 'We must go to Mathura to fulfill our mission. You are not the body. The Indweller in the heart is directing the whole show. That is the Atma. You are in Me. I am in you. Understand this troth and you will know everything.'

After thus pacifying the Gopis and Gopikas, Krishna and Balarama left in the chariot driven by Akrura. In the evening Akrura alighted near a river to perform his ablutions. While having a dip in the river, he had the vision of Lord Vishnu reclining on Adishesha.. On hurrying back, he saw Krishna and Balarama sitting in the chariot unperturbed. Krishna asked Akrura what he had seen to make his face. radiant. Akrura was thrilled at the experience and praised them. He requested both of them to stay his house, but Krishna politely declined, promising to visit him after finishing his mission in Mathura.

The next day, while they were walking along the road, they spotted the royal washer man and asked him for some royal clothes. The washer man rudely replied that the royal clothes could not be touched by lowborn cowherds. Infuriated at this, Krishna struck the Dhobi (washer man), who fell down. They took some of the royal clothes, and went on their way.

Later, they met an old hunch-backed lady, Kubja, who was providing scents and perfumes for Kansa. She had a beautiful face but an ugly body, bent over in three ways.


Seeing the two brothers, she was overjoyed and gave away all the perfumes to them. Though God never asks anything from anyone, if someone offers something. He returns it a hundred-fold. Krishna planted His foot on her feet, caught hold of her chin and lifted it up. Lo and behold! Her crooked back was gone. She shed tears of gratitude to Krishna for restoring her beautiful shape and prayed to visit her house to accept the prayerful offerings. Krishna promised to do so after finishing his mission.