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Krishna's Departure From His Mortal Body

"In the 3102 B. C., between the dates 17-18 February, at midnight, Krishna gave up his mortal body. Before that, in year 3138 B.C., Krishna crowned Dharmaraja.


Between these two periods and for a total duration of 36 years, Krishna enabled Gopikas to experience the divinity in Krishna. This was the good fortune of many other people in Dwaraka also." Sai Baba, Summer Shower, 1978, p. 82


"After Krishna's Niryana (death), Arjuna was returning to Hastinapura, in a very dejected manner and even as he was walking back, he witnessed a large number of bad omens. As soon as Arjuna reached the palace, he gave the news of the Niryana of Krishna and all the Pandavas were grief-stricken. 'Although Arjuna was very strong person, he could not even draw his bow after the Niryana of Krishna. Then Arjuna realised that all his strength, by which he won the battle of Mahabharata and by which he burnt down the Khandavavan, was in reality the strength acquired by his proximity to Krishna. He realised that he had no intrinsic strength of his own. Arjuna was also wondering as to how he could convey the sad news to the old blind mother. As they (Pandavas) entered the mansion, Kunti was informed that Arjuna was coming. Because of her old age, it was natural that she could not see or hear properly. As she realised that Arjuna was coming, she thought that Arjuna was bringing the news of Krishna. She began to shower a number of questions about Krishna. Arjuna was greatly worried as to how he could convey the news to Kunti. Unable to give a reply to her questions, Arjuna cried out and said that Krishna was no longer alive. As soon as she heard of this sad news, she left her life as if she were going in search of Krishna. She could not live even for a moment without Krishna. Pandavas also had great affection for Krishna and they were not ordinary people. The Pandavas were like the five Pranas for Krishna and Krishna was the mainstay of the Pandavas." Sai Baba, Summer Showers, 1978, p. 37


Krishna's Divinity


"Krishna's Leelas (sports) were intended in one way or another to reveal his divinity. Once Balarama teased Krishna by declaring: 'You are not Yashoda's son. You may ask why I say so. This is because Nanda and Yashoda are of fair complexion and you are dark. You are not their child. You must have been born somewhere else.' What Balarama said was true and Krishna knew it. But assuming an air of innocence, Krishna went to Yashoda and complained ' Mother! Balarama is saying that I am not your son. Tell me the truth.' Yashoda replied, 'Krishna! What does Balarama know? He is an innocent boy. You are very cute. You are very intelligent. Don't pay any heed to his words. You are truly my son. The colour given by God is permanent. Colour as such is not important. Many people paint themselves in different ways to conceal their identity. All these are momentary. The colour given by God cannot be changed by anyone. God likes the dark complexion. You have got the colour of the Divine." Sai Baba, SS.