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The Selfless Devotion Of The Gopikas

"Without renunciation if a person is immersed in worldly pleasures and leads a mundane life, all his devotion is only artificial and a kind of self-deception. Such devotion will not lead him to God. Today the world is full of such persons. People claim that they love God. I have not seen a single person who really loves God. Everyone loves God for his own sake and not for the sake of God. This is pure selfishness.

The Gopikas, however, dedicated their hearts to one person alone. All their thoughts were centered on Krishna. All their senses were dedicated to the Divine. They spoke only about God. Their thoughts were centered on God. They listened only to the Divine words. Their hands were engaged in divine work. All their limbs and senses were dedicated to the Divine. They did not consider anything as their own. Krishna was their all." Sai Baba, SS, 9/92, p. 217

"Uddhava has described Gopikas' devotion for Krishna in the following words:

'Though their mothers-in-law were not happy with them and their husbands were against Krishna, they neither uttered a single word, nor got angry.' They bore it all with patience. They were not afraid of anybody. Just as a picture is imprinted on a paper, Krishna's form was imprinted in their hearts. Gopikas had no other thoughts than that of Krishna.

Once Gopikas came to Krishna's house. Krishna pretended to be asleep. They tried to wake him up by catching his feet, but Krishna turned the other side and continued to snore. Then they sang: 'Tt is possible to wake up someone'who is in deep sleep, but it is impossible to wake up someone who pretends to be asleep. Krishna! You don't sleep at all. If you sleep, the whole world will sleep. We know that in this world there is none who can understand your mystery. How cany we know you, Krishna? Please put an end to your pranks and make us happy. We cannot be separate from you any longer." Sai Baba, SS, 2/99, pp. 48 & 49