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Krishna's Grace

"God alone knows to whom, in what circumstances, at what time, to what extent and in what form His grace should be showered. For example, take the case of Draupadi. In his vast audience-hall, Duryodhana was inflicting humiliation on Draupadi. Unknown and unseen by anyone, Krishna was giving to Draupadi an endless number of saris. How are ordinary persons likely to view the situation? They might ask: How is Krishna tolerating this kind of disrobing of Draupadi? Why does he not reduce Duryodhana to ashes at that very moment? Why does he not put an end to his life? When the devotees are in agony, should he merely look on? The ignorance may tend to react in this fashion.

But the Divine, who is the embodiment of peace, love and truth, has to take note of the cause (karana), the remedy (Kaarya) and the task (Kartavya) to be done. In the great cosmic drama, the Lord is also an actor. The time should be ripe for the role He has to play in a particular sequence of events. His action should be appropriate to His role. He cannot act otherwise.

For instance, if Krishna decided to kill Duryodhana at the very moment of Draupadi's humiliation, he would be going against his role in the play. He has to play his specific part. Krishna knew that Duryodhana's end lay in the hands of Bhima and not in his. It would be against his Dharma if he did what Bhima had to do. Bhima alone should slay Duryodhana with his mace. Krishna waited for the ordained event. Likewise, in various situations, the Lord remains as a witness." Sai Baba, SS, 9/93, p. 228

Krishna's Foes

"There are deep inner meanings for the actions of the Lord. Kansa tried every conceivable means to kill Krishna. But the Lord is beyond the grasp of everyone. Small-minded persons, consumed by hatred and jealousy, may entertain such designs. But these evil plans only recoil on the plotters and can cause no harm to God. They will enhance His glory.

There were reasons for Kansa's hatred. An ethereal voice had declared that Kansa would meet with his death at the hands of the eighth child of Devaki. Out of selfish desire to save his own life, Kansa sought to do away with Krishna by various means. All his efforts were of no avail. Kansa carried a slaughter of children in Repalle in the hope of killing Krishna.. Krishna eluded his grasp. A man's intellect turns crazy when he is facing destruction. Because of his wicked actions, Kansa came to a disastrous end.

This, however, is not the end of the story. Two other wicked men, Shishupala and Dantavakra, rose against Krishna. After these two were slain by Krishna. Jarasandha came forward. Many demons in human form sought to eliminate Krishna. They all failed utterly. They brought disasters upon themselves.

Thus, from aeon to aeon, the Divine, is confronted with such hostile elements. Happiness cannot be got without going through differences. Fame is the product of blame.

Such incidents happen in the life of every Avatar and in every age. They serve to promote the greatness of the Avatar and not to tarnish it." Sai Baba, SS, 9/93, pp. 227 & 228