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"Krishna Took Hold Of Arjuna's Feet" - An Episode

"Once Arjuna was in a greatly despondent mood. He was disgusted with life and wanted to commit suicide on that very night. The All-knowing Lord, Krishna, decided to avert this. He went to Arjuna's residence and told him that he wanted to discuss some urgent matter with him and therfore he wanted to dine with him that day. When Subhadra (Arjuna's wife) and others were engaged otherwise, Krishna called Arjuna to a private chamber. As soon as Arjuna was inside, Krishna bolted the door. He then took firm hold of Arjuna's feet. Arjuna immediately burst out,' Swami! What unworthy act have I done? Why are you acting like this?' Krishna said, 'With all your titles and achievements, it is utterly unbecoming of you to entertain the thoughts of suicide. You are the foremost among the Pandavas, you acquired the Gandiva (from Shiva) after going through severe penance and ordeals. You should be the master of your senses and not their slave. Today you have been overcome by your mind and your senses. This is unworthy of you. Give me a pledge that in no circumstances in the future you will think of suicide. Your life is mine and my life is yours. The divine is the indweller in all beings. Hence, I am present in all beings. If you contemplate suicide, you will be guilty of attempting on the life of your dear Krishna.' Arjuna said: 'Swami! I was ignorant of the subtle truths you have revealed. Please forgive me. Henceforth, in all my life I will not think of any such acts.' In this manner, Krishna, in his love for the Pandavas, was prepared to go any length and do even any menial act to protect them." Sai Baba, SS, 9/87, pp. 238 & 239

Krishna Carried The Sandals Of Draupadi

"The Lord is omnipresent, His eyes, feet and hands are everywhere. There is nothing low or high for Him. On one occasion. He carried even the sandals of Draupadi when He advised her to seek Bhishma's blessings to save her husbands from destruction. For the sake of setting an example to the world, the Lord does many things in His human incarnation." Sai Baba, SS, 9/87, p. 239

Teaching For Gopalas

"Krishna once questioned the Gopalas (cowherds) around Him,' Who is the true victor?' One of them said,' One who emerges victorious in the battlefield is the true victor.' 'One who can face all the difficulties and troubles with steadfastness and courage is the true victor', said a few. In this manner, each one of them gave different answers. Then Krishna smilingly said, '0 Gopalas, whatever you mentioned are temporary in nature. None of them can be termed as a true victor.

True success lies in controlling one's senses. Then one will be a victor. One has to control the senses. Senses belong to the body. Make this body a temple of God." Sai Baba, SS, 9/98, p. 228

Why Did Krishna Come Late To The Rescue Of Draupadi?

"Draupadi, after she had gone through all her troubles and tribulations, was sitting and talking to Krishna as her dear brother and asked, 'What is the matter? I remember having been in great difficulties and having called you with the fullness of my heart and begged you to come and save me. But you came late. You never came in time. Can you now explain to me what stood in the way of your coming in proper time?' Krishna then asked Draupadi, 'You say you addressed me and called me. May I know in what manner you called me and how you addressed me?' Then she replied, 'Yes. I said, hai krishna, hai Dwarakavasa.' The Lord replied 'You addressed as Dwarakavasa. Where is Dwaraka and where is Hastinapur to which place I had to come? That was a long distance. If only you had addressed me 'Hridayavasi' or as one who is living in your own heart, I would have appeared immediately. Because of the manner of your addressing I had to travel all the way to Hastinapur and how could I have come in time from such a long distance." Sai Baba, Summer Showers in Brindavan - 1972, p. 42

"One question is often asked. Krishna is the Lord of the universe. He is all-pervading, and yet the same Krishna was responsible for destruction of forty lakhs (or four millions) of men in the battlefield. Is it violence or non-violence?"

"This is my answer to this question. An individual, let us say, has developed cancer on his back. There are millions of germs in that cancerous boil. Does the doctor pause and ask, 'Should I kill so many millions of germs?' Is it not the duty of doctor to save the life of the patient? Which is of greater importance? Should he protect the life of the patient or should he have consideration for the germs? The doctor comes to the conclusion that these germs are dangerous and kills them and saves the patient's life. In this process, the doctor has taken into consideration quality and quantity. In the same manner, the world at that time had developed a cancer in the shape ofKauravas. When Krishna found that these Kauravas were like cancer. He became s surgeon, took Arjuna as His assistant and performed the great operation. In that operation, forty lakhs of germs were killed. So we must always take into consideration the greater need for protection of Dharma. The protection of Dharma is more important than anything else."

Sai Baba, Summer Showers-1972, pp. 249 & 250