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Boundless Blessing On Kuchela (Sudama)

"When Kuchela (Sudama, Krishna's childhood friend) was in Krishna's palace, he forgot to ask Krishna what he had come to ask. But there is no need to ask the all-knowing Lord. After lavishing all the hospitality on him, Krishna sent Kuchela back in a palanquin. After going some distance, Kuchela reflected on his folly. 'I enjoyed the entire sumptuous feast Krishna gave me, but I forgot all about the plight of my children. I forgot to ask Krishna what I had gone to ask him. What a fool I am!' But when he neared his old home, what he saw was a magnificent mansion. His wife was dressed in fine clothes and was shining with all ornaments. She came out to welcome Kuchela like a queen. Kuchela wondered whether she was some princess or his wife. She approached Kuchela and asked him, 'Lord! What did Krishna tell you?' Kuchela described how lovingly Krishna rushed to meet him and embraced him endearingly. 'How can I describe his all-encompassing love? He is love itself. Is there anyone who could confer countless blessings in return for handful of Kuchela's parched rice.' (Swami sang a Telugu song). 'What a fool I was not to realise the boundless grace of such a Lord!' Reflecting like this, Kuchela went round the mansion, deeply moved by Krishna's love." Sai Baba, SS, 11/96, pp. 282 & 283

"Krishna Set An Example In The Elimination Of Ego" - An Episode Of Washing Feet Of The Sages And Priests

"When the Rajasooya Yajna began, each of the brothers was allotted a specific function. Krishna also approached Dharmaraj a respectfully and pleaded for some function to be assigned to him, saying 'As the world sees it, you (Dharmaraj a) are the overlord and I am a subject. Hence, please assign to me some task in this Yajna.' Dharmaraja was distressed at this request, coming as it did from one whom Dharmaraja regarded as All-Knowing Omnipresent Lord. Dharmaraja said: 'I owe everything to you. You are the ruler and I am only your servant.' Krishna replied: 'What you have said as a devotee is true. But from the worldly point of view, as a king you have to respect the obligations prescribed for the king. You must distinguish between your obligations to God and your secular duties as ruier.'

Krishna urged that he should be allotted a specific task. Dharmaraja said, 'Krishna! You take up any assignment that you like.' Krishna retorted: 'For taking up any assignment of my choosing, I need not ask you. I wish to do what you would like me to do.' The argument between the two went on for a long time and ultimately Krishna said he would like to be responsible for receiving the scholars and priests who would be attending the Yajna, washing their feet and doing all honours to them.

Here is an illustration of how Krishna set an example in the elimination of the ego. Why should Krishna, who was such a great and powerful personality, take upon himself such a humble task as washing the feet of pundits? The moral is clear. One who aspires to be a leader should show the qualities of leadership in every field. It was to serve, as an example to world in every sphere, that Krishna undertook many tasks and never considered anything as too small or trivial." Sai Baba, SS, 9/87, p. 235