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Krishna's Warning To Kansa Before His Incarnation


In the Yadava clan, there was one of the satraps in the Yadava kingdom. He was known as one who stood by his plighted word. Ugrasena and Kansa, after a great deal of search, picked up Vasudeva as a suitable bridegroom for Devaki. Vasudeva already had a wife by the name Rohini. In those times, there were no restrictions regarding polygamy. Because he had no child through Rohini, Vasudeva agreed to marry Devaki.

After the marriage, Kansa got ready his chariot to take Vasudeva and Devaki to their home. Kansa drove the chariot himself with.a heavy heart, overwhelmed by the prospect of separation from his beloved cousin. Devaki was as dear to Kansa as his life-breath. At the time of her leaving her paternal home, Devaki was presented with many precious gifts by Ugrasena, besides a retinue of elephants, horses and guardsmen.

While the chariot was proceeding in a grand manner, all of sudden a loud voice was heard from the sky: "You fool! You do not know what is in store for you. The one who will slay you for your misdeeds will be bom as the eighth child of your sister." After saying this, the ethereal spirit vanished.

The moment Kansa heard these words, he flew into rage, he jumped down from the chariot, seized Devaki by the hair, unsheathed his sword to cut off her head. Vasudeva, who was the very embodiment of peace, truth and righteousness, held Kansa's hands and asked him why he was worried so much over the prospect of death. "Death is inevitable, whether today or in time to come. Whatever you may do to protect yourself, death will come in its own time even if you hide yourself in a forest. All beings are destined to die. Kansa! The ethereal voice declared that death will come to you from the hands of the eighth child (of Devaki) and not immediately. There are many years ahead before the eighth child. It is not proper that you should lose your temper. Release the girl whom you had loved as your sister. I shall hand over to you every child that is born to her." When Vasudeva gave his pledge, Kansa realised the truth of his words and released Devaki from his hold. Kansa returned to his palace without getting back into the chariot.

Vasudeva and Devaki reached their home with heavy hearts. As days passed by and Kansa was immersed in worries about the prospect, sage Narada came to him one day. After talking about world affairs in general, before leaving, Narada told Kansa:

"You are verily a fool. You are not aware of your real plight. The ethereal voice said that (Devaki) eighth child will be your slayer. But you do not know from which of her children death will come to you. You cannot take a chance with any of them.

From that moment Kansa's distress and fear increased. He commanded Vasudeva to hand over to him every child. He killed six of the newborn children as they were handed over to him.

When Devaki was enceinte for the seventh time, Sriman Narayana made all arrangements to carry out his promise to Mother Earth. To promote the welfare of the world, to establish Dharma among mankind, to uphold truth and to instill devotion to God in humanity, the Divine process had to be set in motion. The Devas took birth as

Yadavas. Vishnu summoned his all-pervading Yoga-Shakti (The Cosmic Energy), and said "Go forth immediately and enter the womb of Yashoda." Summoning Adishesh (The Divine Serpent) the Lord directed him to go to Gokulam and enter the womb of Rohini (Vasudeva's elder wife). I shall be entering the womb of Devaki." Sai Baba, SS, 10/94, pp. 253 & 254.