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Krishna's Advent Became Kansa's Nightmare

"Vasudeva took the female child back to his prison. There the child started crying. On hearing the cry, all the guards woke up. They found the prison gates closed. They informed Kansa about the birth of the child. Kansa, who had been anxiously waiting for the news, rushed to the prison. Seizing the newbom child from Devaki's hands, he flung it up in the air to slay it with his sword. The child Maayaa-devi, spoke from above, "You fool! The boy who is going to slay you is already born. He is growing up in a certain place. You cannot escape your destined end." Saying this Maayaa-devi vanished. From that moment, Kansa was engaged in finding out the whereabouts of the child that was to be his slayer. He released Vasudeva and Devaki from prison." Sai Baba, SS, 10/94, pp. 255-256

Krishna And Putana

"Once, Vasudeva and Nanda, as satraps in Kansa's kingdom, came to Mathura to pay their annual tribute to him. While they were returning, Vasudeva and Nanda were lamenting over their plight. Vasudeva observed that in Repalle (Nanda's place) some inauspicious events seemed to be impending. In Gokulam also some untoward events are likely to happen. 'Nanda, do not stay in Mathura for long. Leave the place immediately.'

On hearing this warning, Nanda immediately returned to Repalle. In Repalle, demoniac elements were all the time moving about actively. The first of them was Putana. She lost her life while giving suck to Krishna. This Putana in a previous life was Ratnavali, the daughter of Emperor Bali. The Lord Vamana appeared as an extremely handsome yeung lad at the sacrifice being performed by Bali. Ratnavali was charmed by the beauty of Vamana and felt how much she would have enjoyed rearing him if he had been her son. As she was having these thoughts, she found that Vamana had placed his foot on Ball's head (after he had measured the earth and heaven by his two footsteps). Enraged at this sight, she was filled with the desire to kill him. Because she desired at first to fondle Vamana as a child and later to kill him, she was born as Putana and came to Krishna to feed him and kill him. In the end, she lost her life. The Lord has His own ways of fulfilling the desires of people. Hence, it is essential to have good thoughts." Sai Baba, SS, 10/94. 256

Kansa's Death

"Is it not Krishna who killed Kansa? Not at all. This is the textbook version. In truth, it was his own heated imagination (Bhrama), which killed him. He was always haunted by the fear of Krishna. His death was a result and a reaction of that fear. Men's thoughts determine their destiny. Hence, men should cultivate good thoughts and eschew all bad feelings. Sai Baba, SS, 10/94, p. 256