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Krishna's Education


"After Kansa was killed, Nanda and Yashoda made arrangements for the education of Krishna and Balarama in the traditional manner, by sending them to a Gurukula. In those days, even princes had to go to the ashram of a Guru to study, and no distinction was made between the rich and the poor or high and low among students. Even though Krishna and Balarama had exhibited super-human powers in vanquishing Kansa and other demons, they had to learn the regular lessons in Brahma Vidya from sage Sandeepani, in his ashram in the forest. They had to go to the forest and gather firewood for the Guru's household. All the students had to share the work in the ashram among themselves equally without any distinction. At the end of the educational course, the students used to give 'Guru-dakshina' (offering to the preceptor). Krishna and Balarama asked their preceptor what he would like them to give. The teacher, who was well aware of the divine powers of Krishna, told him that since he was the incarnation of the Supreme, He could do anything, and so he would like to have his son, who had died some time earlier, restored to life, as his wife was very much attached to the son and was in great grief after his death. Krishna and Balarama chanted some Mantras and brought back the Guru's son back to life. The Guru was immensely pleased and expressed his gratitude to Krishna and Balarama." Sai Baba, SS, 7/95, p. 188