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  Telugu Ganga project to be over in two weeks  

Water management policy for TN soon

NT Bureau
Chennai, Aug 20:

        The State government has taken measures for an integrated water management policy to tide over the drinking water scarcity. The policy will cover areas such as water conservation, ground water recharge and augmentation of ground water resources and control of wastage of water, M C Sampath, Minister for Local Administration and Urban Water Supply today said.

        Inaugurating a two- day CII conference on 'Emerging Trends and Technologies In Water - Conservation and Management, Sampath said drinking water problem was a major challenge and the government was trying to work out a comprehensive approach such as the Ground Water Recharge and Rainwater Harvesting. The government also was focusing on supplying potable drinking water in the rural areas at 40 liters per capita per day, he said.

        In Tamilnadu, 90 per cent of the rural population and 70 per cent of urban population get their drinking water from ground water resources. In the recent years, failure of monsoon and deforestation had led to shortage of ground water. He said Rainwater Harvesting was the only source of recharge for replenishing the ground water sources.

        Earlier, A Ramakrishna, president and deputy managing director, Larson and Toubro Ltd, in his keynote address, said the Telugu Ganga Canal bringing Krishna water from Kandaleru in Andhra Pradesh to Chennai was at an advanced stage where the lining and upgrading of the 70 km of the 160- km canal was being completed. In another two weeks, the rest of the work would be completed and Tamilnadu would get around 12 tmc of water, he said.

        The Satya Sai Baba Trust, which had sponsored the entire Telugu Ganga Canal, was also showing interest in the Poondi- Sholavaram Canal Project under which a large quantity of water can be stored and used for various purposes, he said while seeking government's intervention.

        The government with the available technology can take up recycling of water and can try better water management within the State as also follow fast track water supply projects, Ramakrishna said.

        The two- day conference would discuss on policies required for effective management and conservation of water, create an awareness among corporate, policy- makers, planners and NGOs about the impending water crises and to develop strategies to address critical issues in water conservation and management.

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